Codeacademy Exercises

(100 points)


The first part of this assignment asks you to work through a series of tutorials on HTML and CSS on Codecademy and then posting them to your account. The second part of this assignment involves you working through a second tutorial of your choice on the Codecademy web site. Once finished with these exercises, you will write a brief (1500 word or so) reflection on your process.

Getting Started

Make sure you have:

  • A text editor like BBEdit (note: there are lots of these for different systems. Make sure you get the one that is right for you.)
  • A SFTP client like Filezilla

First, get your own webspace FREE from the University. I’ll try to talk you through this, but see “Setting up WWW4 account.”

Second, you will complete the HTML & CSS Exercises at Codecademy. Free and totally user-friendly, Codecademy is a great set of introductory tutorials for a variety of different coding skills.  We’ll be doing all nine of the tutorials for for HTML and CSS:

  • HTML Fundamentals (which includes…)
  • HTML Content (which includes…)
  • CSS Fundamentals (which includes…)
  • Styling with CSS (which includes…)
  • Organizing HTML & CSS (which includes…)
  • The CSS Box Model (which includes…)
  • CSS Positioning (which includes…)
  • Images (which includes…)
  • HTML Tables (which includes…)

See the schedule for the deadline on completing these exercises.

Third, you will work through and complete a second codecademy tutorial of your choice. We’ll discuss your options for this, but basically, you will want to pick another tutorial to work through based on your interests and computer skills. Options include: Making a Website, Deploy a Website, Learn Responsive Design, and others. Deploy your new webpage to your WWW4 account.

Fourth, you will write a short (1500 or so word) reflection on your experiences with these tutorials. What about these exercises frustrated you and/or that you found too easy? What was your proudest moment with these HTML/CSS exercises? What do you want to learn more about with HTML and CSS? What was the second tutorial you decided to complete on your own and why? What did this second tutorial teach you about web writing? We will workshop and revise these reflections in class.

A few more details about all this:

We will be talking about these Codecademy exercises in more detail of course, but a couple of things for now to keep in mind:

  • There might be some bumps along the way! Fail forward, fail often, fail productively! I’ve used this before so I know that it works. But I also know that Codecademy is a little buggy sometimes and there might be some changes here and there as we get going. Stay tuned!
  • If you follow the instructions and are comfortable working through these things on your own, you can progress at your own pace on these exercises. Heck, some of you might be able to finish this in one sitting. If you aren’t comfortable with it and you have questions, do me a favor. First, post your question anonymously to our “Ask Dr. Walls Anything” page and we’ll address it in class (Note: you must be signed into your NCSU google account to submit a question). Maybe someone else has the same question and/or an answer and they need you to be bold enough to ask it.
  • The “short reflective writing” project is just that: after you’re done with these exercises, reflect about what you thought of it all. You will post this on your Writing for the Web WordPress Portfolio site.
  • Need help getting a basic CSS file template? Try looking at Little Boxes. Remember to grab the full CSS template.


  1. Creation of your www4 webspace.
  2. A web page that contains the completed content from codeacademy lessons (see this checklist).
  3. Reflection essay on wordpress with link to www4 webspace.


  • www4 webspace
  • wordpress site
  • reflection essay


  • various


  • through Eli Review